Mr. Locksmith Fun Video Australian Naturalist Searches for Lock Picking Monkeys & Chimps

Go to to learn more about Locksmith Training. Mr. Locksmith Fun Video Australian Naturalist searches for lock picking Monkeys and Chimpanzees | Lock Picking Course. Take my 5 Day Hands-On Locksmith Class. Intensive hands-on Locksmith training and my techniques for picking locks. Also, open a Smart Key lock in under 10 seconds without drilling the lock and no external signs of entry. Learn this and other locksmith secrets and become a locksmith.

I said I could teach a Monkey to open a Locked Kwikset Smart Key Deadbolt or a Weiser Smart Key Deadbolt lock. Have fun watching this video and more fun and informative locksmith videos to come. Terry Whin-Yates [email protected]

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