Kwikset Press Release New SC1 Smartkey Lock | Mr Locksmith

Kwikset Press Release New SC1 Smartkey Lock | Mr Locksmith

Kwikset Smartkey just announced they now have Smartkey Lock and it takes the SC1 Key or the Schlage Key, the five-pin SC1 or the Schlage Key.

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Kwikset Smartkey

This new Smart Key Lock is going to be really interesting. Weiser makes a similar product for the Canadian market. Kwikset is a worldwide product. Kwikset is now releasing a new SmartKey SC1 that uses the five pin SC1 Schlage Key.

Kwikset just announced it in their press release. I do not have the product to show you right now but I will have one soon. There will be a link to the video on how to re-key it.

At first glance there seems to be no difference between the regular Kwikset Smartkey and the new SC1, as they’re calling it. Kwikset states the new SC1 Smart Key lock will have a hundred thousand combinations

Weiser SmartKey Lock

The first few versions of the Smart Key Locks had major security flaws, the first versions could be forced open with a screwdriver, which one of the early problems where there are lots of problems with the Kwikset Smartkey Locks. I think has officially released the third generation. I think it’s about the sixth generation. There have been minor changes all the way through. This is going to be really interesting ’cause they say the new SC1 Smartkey Lock from Kwikset, will have a hundred thousand combinations. So this will be really interesting because as we know as LockSmiths, the Smartkey Locks, we’re constantly replacing them. So there’ll be kind of interesting. These are great for business, great for the LockSmith business, replacing them all the time. So let’s just see what happens. And as soon as I get one, I’ll have a video done right away. We’ll pull it apart. We’ll see what it’s got in it. And we’ll have some fun.

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Kwikset Smart Key Lock Mr Locksmith

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Kwikset Press Release SmartKey Lock SC1