How to Remove Lori Double Cylinder Deadbolt

How To Remove Lori Double Cylinder Deadbolt | Mr. Locksmith™

How to Remove a Lori Double Cylinder Deadbolt: Lori Deadbolt locks can be confusing to remove for experienced and new locksmiths too. You will need a 5/64 -inch long-shaft Allen wrench to remove the Mortice Cylinders from the lock housing. Lori deadbolts, manufactured by Ilco Industries and use mortised deadbolts available in both thumb turn and double cylinder models. Removing the Lori deadbolt to re-key or replace the lock not difficult if you have the proper Allen Wrench.

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How to Remove a Lori Double Cylinder Deadbolt

  • Open the door.
  • Remove the deadbolt faceplate from the door edge by removing the two flathead screws using a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Remove the thumb latch assembly from the interior side of the door, if applicable, by removing the two screw bolts on either side of the latch handle, then pulling the assembly horizontally from the door.
  • Insert the long shaft of a 5/64-inch Allen wrench into the space on either side of the slide bolt to engage in the cylinder set screws and turn the set screw counterclockwise two to three full turns to loosen. Repeat for the set screw on the other side of the slide bolt if it is a double cylinder deadbolt.
  • Remove the deadbolt cylinder(s) by turning the cylinders counterclockwise until the cylinder is free of the mortise housing. Insert the deadbolt’s key halfway into the cylinder for leverage in turning the cylinder. Repeat for the opposite side cylinder in double-keyed models
  • Remove the slide bolt assembly from the door edge, then remove the cylinder housing from the door hole.
Lori Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Lori Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Lori Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Lori Double Cylinder Deadbolt



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