How To Make A “Loid” To Open Locks

How To Make A “Loid” To Open Locks | Mr Locksmith

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Loid a Lock: The “Loid” is slang for Celluloid. Burglars in England used a thin piece of celluloid or plastic to open (a locked door) by sliding a thin piece of celluloid or plastic between the door edge and doorframe to force open a spring lock.

A lot of locks now, not deadbolts but a lot of locks can be slipped with a credit card but the credit card is not the best. If you tried to actually slip a lock with a credit card the credit card isn’t long enough or flexible enough to do it. So what you can do is and I make one out of a milk jug you can also use a windshield wiper, fluid jug or anything and you get the various thicknesses.

I will make another one another special tool out of a windshield washer. I have a windshield washer jug and it is thicker.

Burglar’s key

In the olden days in England, it was called “loid a lock” or “loiding a lock.” So what you used was celluloid to slip the lock as time progressed as people were loiding the lock with celluloid, which is plastic. The lock manufacturers came up with better locks to stop you from loiding a lock but we still have it very useful in bathroom locks, bedroom door locks. So interior doors, we can make a tool to loid the locks. So you learn something new here. So it’s really simple to wash it out a few times. This is what I like ’cause it’s flexible and just, you know, we always say, be careful I’m just going to just start the hole. Now this is, every locksmith should have this in your service truck. So we just, I don’t need one that long and I have two, just cut it straight here.

Loid a Lock

I have two very simple tools to slip a lock. So I have some videos on there or you can open the link as well, where you can put this in the edge of the door and slip the lock and sometimes I like them thicker.

Loid Prevention

Install a Quality Deadbolt to prevent your House or Bussines from being opened by a Credit Card or a Loid. For further information to Electronic Deadbolts / Keyless Locks

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Loid a Lock Coquitlam

How to make a Loid Mr Locksmith


Loid a Lock Coquitlam

How to make a Loid Mr Locksmith

In future videos, I will demonstrate how to use thicker plastic containers to make a unique design to also slip different locks. A locksmith always have the milk jug loid in your toolkit and if you are locked out of your bathroom door this works very, very quickly and again, there are some videos on how to do it. So just a short, quick, easy video on how to make a loid.

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