3 Important Things to Consider in Choosing a Reliable Security Monitoring Company

An alarm monitoring company should be accessible and respond promptly to your inquiries and requests. Thus, there are several important things to consider when choosing a reliable home security monitoring company, including: recommendations, credentials and services.


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Below are 3 important things to consider in choosing a reliable security monitoring company:

As with any major purchase, it pays to shop around. I asked friends for recommendations and did a lot of online research, although I couldn’t get accurate pricing information without speaking to sales representatives. Don’t fall for high-pressure sales techniques or scare tactics. Once you’ve identified a few good candidates, check for customer complaints with the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List or other trusted reviewers. The Federal Trade Commission provides tips for choosing a home security system and identifying common scams. Source: HuffingtonPost

Think of the process like you are interviewing candidates for a job. You want to find the best fit for your situation. You also want to make sure the security company you choose has the proper credentials to help you if/when you need it. Here are a few things to look for.

  • Monitoring Station– Is the monitoring station company-owned, or do they outsource it? Is the station CSAA and U.L. Certified? A station with these certifications has to meet stringent security and monitoring standards and is regularly tested to ensure compliance.
  • Reputation– Look around your community. What security signs do you see in your neighbors’ lawns? Ask them about their experience with those companies. Ask friends and family who they use and if they would recommend their security company. Check the Better Business Bureau to see the security company’s grade.
  • History– How long has the company been in business? Just as a long, detailed employment history looks good on a job application, if the company has been in business awhile, it usually means they are doing something right. Source: AckermanSecurity

Trustworthy alarm services, from companies like Alarm Relay, believe that successful monitoring is not just about using the most up-to-date technology. Monitoring also requires dedicated Central Station operators who are truly concerned for your safety. It is important to be sure that the alarm monitoring company you choose to use is accessible and responds promptly to your inquiries and requests. Source: AlarmRelay

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